Our Mission Statement:  Enhancing the lives of 100,000 retired and pre-retired African Americans annually, by providing our advice, products and services to the global black community by 2030.

About RetireNow, LLC:

At RetireNow, LLC our business mission is to make it simple and easy for black folks to navigate through the non-financial retirement process.  What we do is break down the retirement process into a language that African Americans can understand.

Here’s the deal.  Most African Americans have got no road maps, no goals and no plans on how to go about retirement.  They either just wing-it, or instead of going to a professional for advice, they go and ask their family or friends who are perhaps just as broke and uninformed as they are.

In the old days, retirement was just like a destination, an end, sleeping and relaxing on your lazy-boy.  It was almost like having one foot on a banana peel and the other foot on the grave.  Today it has become a process… a journey.  Or, as we like to say on our webpage “Your Path to Freedom.”

Now, some of us may be asking some very important questions like; “what’s the earliest age I can start receiving Social Security benefits,” or “when do I go sign up for Medicare,” or “how do I know if I have enough money to retire.”

One of the main secrets to a successful retirement is having the insight, the tools, the resources to re-new and recreate yourself. That’s what the assessment tools that we provide and offer to our clients have done and are still doing.  These tools have helped 1000’s of people learn how to best prepare themselves, prior to and during retirement.

Through our on-line e-books, how-to-videos, dvd’s, webinars, podcast and one-on-one coaching, we aim to help black folks to adequately prepare for the 2nd stage in their life, not just simply called the retirement process, but also called renewal.

About Douglas Barnes:

Douglas (Bus) Barnes is a Certified Retirement Consultant.  He has past experience as an Investment Advisor Representative and award winning sales advisor with the Copeland Companies (a subsidiary of the Travelers Life and Annuity Company).  He has attended numerous college classes on retirement and takes part in professional retirement seminars.  Having participated in over 40 hours of online courses regarding retirement, he  earned his certification.

Douglas received an Associate degree in Architectural and Construction Engineering Technology from Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio.  He also earned a one year certificate in Computer-Aided Drafting and Design from Houston Community College, along with other awards, certifications and letters of recommendation.

His background includes real estate investing, sales and marketing, engineering technology, writing and public speaking.  He has been fortunate enough to vacation travel extensively throughout the USA and has visited over 15 different countries.

He is married and lives in Pearland, Texas.

For more about Douglas or information regarding the successful retirement/renewal process, contact him at retirenow@blackandretired.com.