Free Health Care Tips for Black Baby Boomers

Health care can be a huge expense for black baby boomers.  The reality is, after a certain age, health problems associated with aging can creep in.  Given the delicate state of Medicare these days, seniors can expect to participate financially in their own health care in the coming years.  So how can you cut costs?  Here are some top tips that may help seniors in cutting health care costs.

1. Look at Various Medicare Plans

There are various plans offered by Medicare.  Take a look at them, and determine which one would be most affordable for you that involves sacrifices you can live with.  Your overall health will have something to do with what plans you’re eligible for; the healthier you are, the more likely you will be able to save on your Medicare plan:

2. Fitness

Look into senior exercise programs in your area.  Keeping fit can go a long way toward keeping the doctor away.  Many facilities offer water aerobics, senior-appropriate exercise classes, Yoga, and other activities.  The point is to get your body in top shape to help avoid degenerative disease, and to help you fight off illnesses when they do come:

3. Diet

Eating well is part of fitness and overall health.  Read up on nutrition and maybe even go to see a professional nutritionist to help you put together a customized, healthful diet.  Generally, eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean meat is a good place to start.  Many sources also point out the healthful benefits of eating organic foods.  Eating well and nourishing your body are some of the keys to health:

4. Government Assistance

You can look into government assistance for seniors looking for affordable health care.  The government’s Administration on Aging has a website with a lot of resources and advice on government assistance:

Here, you’ll find information on Medicaid, long-term care, and Medicare savings programs.

5. Doctor Choice

Whenever possible, choose physicians who are participants in your health plan’s network.  This can help you save quite a bit, because participating doctors accept Medicare’s payment as full payment:

6. Free Care

There’s free health care out there, especially when it comes to preventative services.  For example, Medicare will pay for certain vaccines (such as the flu vaccine), and even help fund your participation in stop-smoking counseling.  (Cessation of smoking is another way to cut health care costs, by the way – more on that below.)

7. Stop Smoking

Smoking has been linked to all kinds of health problems. The best way to avoid these is to stop smoking and help your body help itself:

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