My Grandparents Did So Well in Retirement…What am I Missing?

There is no point on relying on getting social security benefits when you retire so you might as well plan your own financial security.

There are simply too many people living much longer than anticipated.  At the same time, regardless of how much you’ve managed to pay into social security over time it is doubtful that anyone could live on the amount of money they would receive in social security benefits even if they had no other significant bills to pay such as house notes, car notes, or insurance on a home or automobile.

It amazes me that my grandparents managed to live on the modest sum that was earned from my grandfather’s retirement and social security.  They were never wealthy but in the last decade or so I understood just how little they had and yet they managed somehow to have all the things they absolutely needed in order to survive.  I know that in the world of today, their meager incomes would not even begin to make ends meet for groceries let alone utilities and other necessities in life.

It is because of the struggles my grandparentís faced that I have devoted a good deal of time and effort into making sure that we do not go through those same challenges and struggles upon retirement.  We have taken steps today to insure that we will have income throughout our retirement as well as a few carefully crafted investments to pull us through.

I do not believe that I have all the answers and for this reason we have relied heavily upon the advice of our Competent Financial Planner.  She has helped us discover avenues for investing money and methods of doing so that have been nothing short of amazing for us as we watch our holdings grow year after year in preparation for retirement.

If you havenít taken the time to find a Competent Financial Advisor for your investments there is no time like the present to do so.  Even if you are nearing that magical number you might be amazed at the guidance and advice that can be offered by a Competent Financial Planner to maximize your short and long-term investment and retirement planning needs.  I believe you will be amazed at the financial miracles a good financial planner can work with, even the most modest of investments.

You should also make sure that you take care of as many of the recurring bills as possible before you retire.  It helps greatly if you have your home paid off and do not have the worry of a monthly mortgage payment.  Another thing that is good to keep in mind is that you will want to downsize rather than upsize at retirement.  Eliminate the second car and ride together when possible (this also eliminates an extra insurance payment as well).

If you are planning to move to a particular area of the country for your retirement you may want to begin now, as early as possible, seeking property in that area at a much lower price than you will pay ten to twenty years down the road when you actually get around to retiring.  This will increase the likelihood that you either have your retirement home paid for or are very close to having it paid for.  Another thing to remember is that you will want to get a smaller home for your retirement rather than a larger home that you will need to care for.  This means you can eliminate some of the utility costs, which may prove substantial.

The most important thing to remember when planning for retirement is that it is your retirement for which you are planning. Make sure you set aside funds to make your retirement worth retiring for. You want to have a great life in your twilight years so make sure you plan your financial security now.

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