The Top 10 Reasons Why Some Black Folks Retire Poor

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  1. It never occurs to them that they can become rich and wealthy.  (The reason for that is because they believe they can only get rich by playing and winning the lottery)
  1. If getting rich and wealthy does occur to them, they never make the decision to try.  (The reason for that is simply because they have a lack of ambition or energy to move past mediocrity) As an example, you will often hear them say,   “I ain’t got no time for that.”
  1. If they do make the decision to become rich and wealthy, they procrastinate and put it off until tomorrow. (Remember: Tomorrow never comes, so start developing a realistic retirement plan today)
  1. The inability to delay monetary satisfaction.  (The reason for that is because they tend to spend every single dollar they get their hands on)
  1. They practice short-term in lieu of long-term perspective.  (The reason for that is simply because they seek immediate gratification) As an example, you will often hear them say, “I want my money NOW.”
  1. A strong desire to get something for nothing. (The reason for that is because they seldom if ever, save or invest any money)
  1. The belief that the government or somebody else is supposed to take care of them. (The reason for that is simply because they have an entitlement and free handout mentality) As an example, you will often hear them say, “What you gonna do for me.”
  1. The lack of a definite and specific purpose, goal or chief aim in life.  (The reason for that is because they just wing it, they live and get by from week to week, or at best, month to month)
  1. The use of race, sex, religion, politics or other circumstances as a reason for inactivity. (We have to remember: winners never quit…and quitters never win) As an example you will often hear them say,  “I can’t make a decision right now.”

And finally number 10

  1. The habit of running away from or avoiding unpleasant events or circumstances, instead of mastering them. (The reason for that is because, they forfeit whatever real power they have) As an example you will often hear them say, “I just want to have some fun.”

So let me ask you……what is your attitude about retirement?

Are you optimistic, or are you pessimistic. You see, an optimist opens an oyster, and expects to see a pearl… a pessimist opens an oyster and expects to see toe-main poison.

The whole concept of retirement has morphed over the last 10 years or so. Many opportunities are unfolding and people are retiring earlier and more often.

A successful retirement today means following your dreams. A failed retirement means not having a plan and not pursuing your dreams. Keep in mind, this is not your parents retirement anymore, it’s a whole new ballgame.

At our firm RetireNOW, LLC. we are in the business of helping people navigate thru this difficult transition we call retirement. It starts with an assessment of your personal data. Without an assessment, it just becomes an opinion.

In order to create the best retirement plan, you need the best data. A doctor diagnoses problems and prescribes a cure. That’s similar to what a Certified Retirement Coach does. From your personal data, we can put together a comprehensive retirement plan that will work for you.

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